Considering Construction? A Story in Pictures to help you Heed my Warning, be careful who you do business with!

Considering Construction? A Story in Pictures to help you Heed my Warning, be careful who you do business with!

Welcome to  ScrewedByConstruction. Actually, by the General Contractor/Architect, and the Sub Contractors...

Four years ago, when all was done, yes done is a relative term.  It was Four years when the Contractor/Architect was finished and left my home.  Prior to my realizing they had ruined my home, and my life, at least for the past several years, it was my intention to start a website helping people find all the right materials and decorative elements, even what to look for in the individuals you hire.  Now, years later my intention is much different, it is to share my experience, mostly photos and description, and experiences in hopes that you or someone you know will have the knowledge before going into Construction to you or your friends/family's home.

This is not meant to in anyway injure or hurt anyone, only to share this awful nightmare that let alone would do anyone in.  There is a part 2 to this, I am dumber than the average bear, I have a Mortgage from Hell story too. Sure, I feel stupid, it is embarrassing to share how stupid and naive one can be, but I want to share this to empower you, anyone looking to make big changes to their home, and ultimately to their life.

In this day we are all seeing the result of bad decisions made by our Government.  Bad decisions made by all of us as American's.  We have to take some responsibility, at least for our naiveté, our ignorance, and do better in the future not to make the same mistakes.  That is not to say the doer of such awful deeds should go unscathed, on the contrary, if I had the means I would pursue these companies and individuals.  You can't expect Township Management to look out for you.  In my town they make Contractors make all the specific applications, get permission for all their work, check their work at required phases.  They never check the Contractors out, which seems like it should be part of the reason for the applications.  Well that’s NJ for you, collect a fee, but have a Database that could benefit the homeowner, consumer?  Too much to expect.  In my case, though I believed I could count on everyone along the way, I could not as it turns out.  One of the subcontractors, the person the Architect/General Contractor put in charge was under Probation for a crime committed against a Government Agency.   Though you may have good intentions and believe, like I did, that I put a lot of thought into, and spoke to all the right people. If you are not educated you cannot be in a position to make these decisions.  It is not worth the chance that you meet up with people who have only their greed and own interests at heart, and a complete disregard for anyone else.               

I had always been a person who chose to trust the people i dealt with.  I thought people always did the right thing given the opportunity, but I had no idea that people used others to such detriment to protect their own selfish interests.  Not in business, people who had been out there, don't they risk losing?  Actually, in this case,  They did not lose.  However I lost BIG.  It would prove to affect the rest of my life, and leave my family and me in misery.  It will take some time to put up all the photos and their descriptions in order for you to get the whole picture. 

If you do decide to do construction to your home, it will be a word to the wise.  Be very, very careful.